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Preparation Courses for the DSH, TestDaF and Studienkolleg Examinations
in Munich



A good preparation course for the DSH and Studienkolleg examinations should fulfill the following criteria:

The institute chosen for the preparation course should

- have adequate experience in offering such courses,

- employ experienced and qualified instructors,

- have reasonable class sizes,

- demonstrate high pass rates,

- provide a suitable learning environment,

- offer professional advice,

- teach the course intensively, with adequate hours per week (minimum of 20 per week),

- be in close proximity to the university,

- charge a fair price for its courses.


It is thus important to compare different offers because preparation courses are provided by a variety of institutions in Munich, but not all of them can be highly recommended.

This website does not want to be an advertisement. It wants to answer one of the many questions that usually arise at this point. One institution should be named that fulfills the above requirements and that is liked and recommended by the students who have prepared for their university studies there. This recommendation is based on many conversations with language students from different countries who have checked out different schools in Munich, and it is also based on intensive online research.
The Studeinkolleg in Munich writes about making the correct decision for a preparation course on its website

"How can I prepare for the German entrance exam?

There are many private language schools, as well as the Volkshochschulen, that offer language preparation courses for the Studienkolleg in Munich. At the Studiumkolleg in Munich there is not such a course. 
Before you register for a preparation course at a private language school, you should most certainly check the content and the main points of the course. It is also important to look carefully at the price in comparison to what the course offers. Maybe you could also have the possibility to contact a former student to discuss his/her experience and get his/her opinion of the quality of the lessons."

ASL International Language School on the Leopoldstraße in Munich has 6-week, 8-week, and 10-week DSH and TestDaf preparation courses. The courses are 25-hours-per-week and the maximum class size is 16. Students are taught by highly-qualified instructors specializing in such courses. Above all though, ASL can show success rates of 90-95% for the DSH and the TestDaF, and 85% for the Studienkolleg.

This institute is also proof that quality need not be expensive; applicants can take an intensive course and prepare for these examinations with the best chance of success for only 380 Euros for four weeks - that is, 90 Euros for a 20-hour week. You cannot find a better price for this quality anywhere on the internet. Courses at other schools are either not as intensive (fewer lessons per week) or much more expensive. Another, often decisive, advantage of ASL is that the institute offers each of its intensive courses, from the basic level to the advanced level (A1 - C2), at the same price. 

Naturally, comprehensive counseling is as much a part of ASL as is the pleasant learning experience. 

Detailed information in 13 languages is available at or

You can also e-mail enquiries about the courses and about visa formalities directly to: